Cognitive behavioral therapy offices

CBT Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Clinics was established to combine modern psychological treatment methods with an emaptic approach to the patient. We strive to ensure comfort and a sense of security , because we understand that this is important for people who turn to us for help. In our work we rely on the knowledge, gained during training and international conferences in the field of cognitive-behavioral therapies and a variety of experience gained in offices, clinics and hospital wards. Each of our psychotherapists undergoes regular supervision with supervisors certified by the Polish Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy.

Cabinets CBT

Our offices are a center specialized in providing cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). We offer therapy for a wide range of mental disorders and emotional difficulties. We provide psychotherapy for adults, adolescents and children.

Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy (CBT)

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a method of treating mental disorders, emotional difficulties and relationship difficulties. CBT is an evidence-based practice, meaning it has been scientifically tested. More than 2,000 studies have shown that cognitive behavioral therapy, conducted by properly trained professionals, is an effective way to help patients overcome their mental health problems. It’s a form of therapy that teaches people how to become their own therapists, so that in the future they can more easily cope with crisis situations, can recognize the first signs of deterioration or illness, and know how to counteract them to prevent a recurrence of their past difficulties and resulting suffering.

Our Team

Our team consists of a group of psychologists and psychotherapists: specialists in conducting cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. We strive to constantly ensure the development of our professional qualifications by participating in training courses and undergoing regular supervision.

Areas of specialization

Our therapists specialize in treating patients suffering from mental disorders, emotional disorders and difficulties, treating patients struggling with relationship issues, difficulties in social, occupational, school functioning. Therapists also work with clients on problem solving, learning new skills, and setting and achieving meaningful life goals.

In-office sessions

Meetings with a therapist usually take place in an inpatient format, in the offices of our therapy center.

Remote sessions (online)

For those for whom, for various reasons, meetings in the office are difficult, there is the possibility of working with a therapist in an online form. If, due to the patient’s difficulties, working in remote form will not be the most optimal form of assistance, the therapist can offer meetings in the office.